My name is Chuck Smith and I have been living at Arcadia Retirement Village for almost a year. There is plenty of food and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and that is very healthy. I enjoy exercise class five times a week and between the fresh food and exercise I stay very healthy! Arcadia Retirement Village is centrally located. My doctor is next door, the med-labs are across the street and my bank is only two blocks away! I like my room. There is plenty of space and the heating and air conditioning work well. I love the Activity Director Leandra! She is friendly and knowledgeable and very gracious. Rajni and Dan are very friendly and helpful. They listen to my concerns and are always help. My favorite part of living here are all the wonderful activities. There is always something different and fun to do.

My name is Sally Doane and I have lived at Arcadia Retirement Village for almost a year coming this September! The people are friendly and I love the food. I have a lot friends, I like them and they like me. My roommate Janet and I are good friends. We stayed up together to watch the Royal Wedding! The staff is nice and helpful and Rajni is good and helpful too. I love playing Bingo and I go on every outdoor activity because they are always fun. My favorite part of living here is that there is always something new and interesting to do.

Sally Doane

Chuck Smith

My name is Gladys Martinez and I have lived at Arcadia Retirement Village for a year now. I think the food is excellent. It is well done. This is not the Waldorf Astoria but I feel like the food is from there! Jami is a true blue chef! The soup is always good and there is a wide variety. I love that we get a nice little surprise salad on the plate every night with dinner. All I can say is that the food is high class!

Gladys Martinez

My name is June Walton and I have lived here three years on Halloween.  I remember I moved in and Diane was dressed as the cutest witch. My son and daughter picked a room for me so I could look out on the whole patio. I am very close to the daughter of the activity director here.  She is such a darling girl!  She visited me in my room and saw all my birds and decided to make me birds.  I enjoy her visits and think having children around is a blessing.  I studied at the Art Center in Los Angeles and love to draw the residents.  I have given so many drawings to my favorite piano Gilbert that comes to play so beautifully for us.  I love living here.  When I need help, the girls always come.  The outdoor patios are my favorite place to come and get out of my room.  They keep it up and make it so beautiful!  It’s become my home!

June Walton

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